( Things that crudely flow from
pencil and drawing pad )


Hail to the Queen

A birthday gift for someone who
actually deserved much better than
this. And I got her hair color wrong.


Slaugh's Feast

A raher oldish drawing of a slaugh, one
of the lesserlesserlesser enemies from the
Legacy of Kain games. He is shown eating
a soul, which is more or less all they do.

Note: The background was taken from game
promo material and warped. I couldn't draw

Kim.... Scream!

Here we have a horrible combination of
fanboyisms. The treacherous Decepticon
Starscream (that's a Transformer, in case
you didn't know) meeting Disney's teenage
heroine Kim Possible.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to shade
Transformers, so all you get is a small work-
in-progress picture of pencils, digi-inks, and
flat colors.


While the new animated series that carries the
quite apt title "Transformers:Animated" does
not quite meet my idea of that franchise, I am
largely fond of it, still.
So, what better way to celebrate the series
than to creep everyone the freak out ? So
I came up with this, born out of from-the-
start fan speculation about the possibly-
not-entirely-human sidekick character,